Saturday, 9 February 2008


So we've had a wet week. Woopey-doo. Get used to it, assuming the drought is over.

The Stupid Moaning Herald had some photos in it on Friday of various groups of people "struggling" to get home in the rain.

God, the hardship of it all. How terrible it is to get wet shoes or wet hair once in a while. Or perhaps the horror of an umbrella turning inside out is too much for some people, forcing them to spend the rest of their life indoors, shuddering each time a butterfly goes past. For crying out loud, most of us shower once or twice a day - getting wet is something we actually look forward to (unless we are a stinking, lentil eating hippy). Copping the odd soaking from lovely, pure rainwater falling from the heavens should be a luxury, not something to "struggle" against.

Hell, people pay a fortune to drink water that has not been chlorinated to death by our water distribution system. Then nature provides it for free, and the media get upset at the idea of some of the cleanest possible water dribbling down your face.

Some people will never cease to shit me, especially attention seeking, fear mongering Fairfax journalists.

I can't find the photo online, but the fishwrapper edition had a photo of a cyclist "struggling" home towards Manly in the rain. He was riding through a puddle that was probably up to the bottom of his pedals.

Phooey. Happens to me all the time. The drainage around Five Wog is so crap, the merest dribble of rain causes oxbow lakes to appear on most of the bike paths. My bike shoes are interchangeable with my flipper booties as far as I am concerned. If you go out in a vehicle without a roof or windscreen, you can expect to get wet from time to time. Or sunburnt. Or besplattered with bug intestines.

That's Gaia for you. Given how much the SMH staff seem to love Gaia and whales and all that, I am amazed that they should put such a doom laden spin on every shower of rain.

I hate them more and more each day.

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