Sunday, 24 February 2008

Harden up

The SMH today reports on a gay officer who was.... a complete poof.

Constable (or ex-Constable) - harden the fuck up.

You're supposed to be a cop for God's sake. Able to handle tough and traumatic situations. It's not all sitting around at the station drinking tea and eating biscuits (unless you are posted to Five Wog - then it's coffee and pastry.)

The powers that be issued you with a Glock - why didn't you stick it in the face of those that tormented you and threaten to blow their prejudiced grey matter all over the most-wanted posters? If you didn't want to go that far, you could have whacked them a few times with the baton, or given them an eyefull of capsicum spray.

That would have shut them up.

I am just stunned though that they let in a bloke who is insulin dependent. Got a heart problem? You're not going to be a cop.

Got a dicky back? No cop uniform for you.

In a wheelchair? Go strut your stuff somewhere else.

Need to shoot up a few times a day? Hmm, perhaps you should consider a low stress office environment for your career.

The way we're going, the next generation of Police vehicles will be vans with wheelchair lifters at the back to accommodate the growing legions of wheelchair bound, overweight blind dwarves and their seeing-eye dogs.

I don't give a fuck whether you are gay or not - I don't need to know about it. I have worked or served with numerous gays and lesbians (and I am sure I once worked with a tranny), but it's not something that they rubbed in your face. They kept their personal lives to themselves and I kept my personal life to me.

I work with you - I am not your friend. I do not need to know all about your husband's snoring or your divorce problems or the renovation issues you are going through or the shit your kid is getting up to at school. We are here to work, so let's just stick to work issues.

If you do open up to others at work about personal issues, expect a bit of ridicule. I once told a colleague that I spent my weekends rebuilding British cars - never heard the end of that one.

What Dallas might not have understood is that perhaps his Police colleagues didn't like him because he was a tool, not because he was gay. I am sure there are many gays who are obnoxious, nasty and mean and just plain unpleasant to be around (there are certainly more than enough straight men that meet that description).

There are always going to be a certain number of gays that feel victimised - and they'll have to face up to the fact that they are disliked because they are dickheads, and not because of who they prefer to sleep with.

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