Friday, 15 February 2008

Very annoying driving habits

This is the corner of Great North Road and Lyons Road. I took this photo from Lyons Road.

This intersection is a source of much frustration for me. As you can see, at this point, Lyons Road is a two lane road. As soon as it gets across the intersection, it merges into one lane. But note that you can't turn right at this intersection, and there is a slip road a bit further back to allow traffic to easily turn left into Great North Road.

The thing that utterly, utterly shits me is that polite people will queue up in the right hand lane, since that one goes straight ahead, and the traffic flows really well if you have a simple line of traffic taking off when the light goes green.

But then you get the odd impatient fucker, like the two ahead of me, that slip into the left hand lane and try to jump ahead of those in the right lane. They drive me spare. It's one of those times that I want a remote weapons station on the roof with say a .50 cal.

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