Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I am not racist, sexist or ageist. Fuckwits come in all colours, ages and sexes. All sorts of people are equally worthless (to paraphrase a line from Full Metal Jacket).

Picture this. It's been raining here for days. The roads are wet and slippery. I'm tooling up Pitt St (literally, as it is uphill) towards a red light, taking it easy because I figure there is no need to waste energy tromping it up to a light and then sitting there.

This tool in a black RAV4 type thing goes around me by crossing the double white line and flooring it up a narrow street intersected by many underground carparks that from experience, disgorge cars with wild abandon. The corner we are heading towards is a blind one, as in cars turn left into Pitt St without being able to see what is around the corner.

I got rather upset with the driver, since if a car did come around the corner, three things could have happened.

  1. Cars collide head on, with no impact on me
  2. Car overtaking me takes evasive action by going hard left, taking me out
  3. Car coming the other way takes evasive action, coming into my lane and taking me out
I was less than happy with Mr RAV4 cockhead, and told him so at the next lights. He wound down his window a crack to get an earfull, and I noticed his wife making a dismissive sign at me from the passenger seat. Both of them were mid-60's I'd say.

His response was, "We do what we like".

Love that - the Royal "we".

Well, we fucking don't do what we like. We obey the rules of the road, and the principles of common sense, patience and courtesy. Especially in the rain.

Fuck, I've said it before. Got to get myself a Glock.

Funny thing is, after doing his little racing/overtaking manouvere, I ended up beside him at the next three sets of lights, which all went red as we approached. He could take off faster than me, but it made no difference in the CBD. The little turd and his regal wife didn't even have the self awareness to be embarassed.

Stupid old pricks.

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jiminycricket said...

What fuckwads.
That level of arrogance is infuriating.
One of my mates T, was riding into work during peak hour, when a taxi pulled into the bike lane to pass another car, clipped his bike and sent him careering off over the footpath.
He got back on his bike, caught up to the taxi and ripped shreds through him. The taxi driver told him to fuck off...
So next set of lights, T rode past and kicked the side mirror of the taxi, which caused it to snap off, fling around on the wiring and crack the guy's windshield. Awesome.