Friday, 15 February 2008

Mystery car

Fervent readers of my travels might have realised by now that I just love to see shitty old cars being towed away to the crusher. This isn't fucking Grozny - there's no requirement to have burned out tank-crushed jalopies littering the streets.

So as I pedal around, I keep an eye out for cars that appear to be abandoned. I reckon I have pinged a dozen so far, which is about as many as the dopey residents of this suburb put together
might have reported.

Personally, I'd like to use the old method of car erasure, which we have not practiced for nearly 20 years, but it involves 10 kilos of ANFO and a stick of gelignite and a far, far away place like an abandoned quarry way out in the country. But I doubt the good burghers of our town would like to see the odd mushroom cloud rising up over the trees on a Saturday morning, so I stick to the tried and trusted method of letting the council know about them.

I guess if I had been quick about it last year and put in for a free Leopard Tank from the Army, I could ride home, pick up the tank and then take the crusher to the car, rather than the car to the crusher. But alas, I doubt J would allow me to park a Leopard out the front of the house.

I spotted the above car on the way home. Notice that it has no number plates - but the rego sticker is good to 2009.

Normally, a lack of number plates indicates that the Plod have actually bothered to read the paperwork sent to them by Council, and have then dragged themselves out of the station, into their car and out into the suburb to unscrew the plates.

I actually saw two Plod on the street last night. On their way back to the station from the fish and chip shop. That's what passes for a Police patrol around here. We'd have a much greater Police presence on the streets if the chippery sold them one chip at a time.

But this car was not there yesterday, so it can't have been reported as being dumped. My suspicion is that Plod have pulled it over for some infringement, given it a once over and decided to remove the plates on the spot for lack of road worthiness etc.

The car is of course a complete bucket of shit, and I don't blame Plod for doing so. Wonder how far away the poor owner lives. Guess he should have bought a bike instead.

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