Monday, 25 February 2008

Oh bugger....

Well, it had to happen. After a weekend of rest, relaxation and muscle cramps, I woke up feeling like a million dollars today. That is: plastic, green and able to fit into a small briefcase.

My trouble started when I spotted a sluggishly progressing woman on the Anzac Bridge approach. I had been taking it fairly easy up until then, but I just couldn't resist showing her how one takes out the bridge. Good old Jackie Stewart was bellowing in my ear - "Full power! Full power!", and that's what I did.

I totally left her for dead, but of course was knackered by the time I reached the apex.

And it's Monday, so my legs are now buggered, and I have to get through four more days of riding to and from work. I really must learn not to indulge in thrash-Mondays.

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