Wednesday 7 October 2009

We4pon - weapons grade spunkmonkey

I always keep an eye out for number plates that indicate that a baboon is at the wheel. I think I found one of them today.

"My cock is this big". <------->

Seriously, why are we prevented from just setting these things on fire, and sewing the owners in a sack with a cat and tossing them in the harbour?


Steve said...

There's a few battle scars on that spoiler, too. Must have been some fight with that gutter...

Anonymous said...

LOL this a coming from a guys who rides around in a bicycle...
don't hate coz u can't afford it peasant!

stop riding around in ur shitty bike & hating the whole world coz ur life sucks.. just go kill yourself..

btw - nice drift car good find.

Anonymous said...

LOL youre a sad kent go back to your push bike faggoT! haha too chicken shit to say something to the owner of this car is person take a quick photo and pedal your way back behind the safety of your computer and talk shit loool

Anonymous said...

LOL your a fucking tool.. that has no life no girlfriend and is still a virgin clearly!

I bet you have thick reading glasses too you nerd.

What the hell are you doing going around with a camera taking photos I bet you like to take little spy photos of kids in your perverted time

Boy on a bike said...

Abusive and gutless and unable to string a coherent sentence together. Nice combination.

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. all boy on a bike seems to have going for him is excellent spelling and the ability to type up a few sentences on a blog... that makes him way cooler then some bloke with a red car?

Just because this guy doesn't like wearing tights and a g string and prefers driving a modified car doesn't mean its a bad thing does it?

from what i can gather you're not a boy anymore either... time to grow up maybe? take up a hobby or something.. like.. oh i dunno.. lawn bowls.. that seems to keep all the seniors happy.

And remember... when the little kid yells NO! it does actually mean no.

Your number one fan, Paccmann

Boy on a bike said...

It's not the car. It's the numberplate. Sheesh. It's the attitude that goes with such a silly numberplate.

Boy on a bike said...

Yes, I'm past my prime. I'll admit that. And I tried to have a go at lawn bowls over Xmas. Nothing wrong with that.

If driving a modified car is your thing, go for it. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time rebuilding some nicely warmed over V8s. However, I draw the line at number plates that scream "I am an idiot".

Anonymous said...

so in reference to your "setting on fire" you were refering to the number plate only right?

great.. i thought so

people express individuality in their own ways, your entitled to your own opinion but when you post it for all to see, sometimes its easy to see what side of the photo needs evaluating.

Also someone should sew you and your bike together and through you in the harbour,leave the cat out of it, the cat doesnt deserve to listen to you while you sink.

on topics which may offend another person best keep them in your head, have you ever thought maybe a blog site isnt a good idea for you? probably not, your that kind of guy

i'd keep going but my point has been made.

Boy on a bike said...

If you don't like what I have to say, go somewhere else. No one is forcing you to read my ramblings.

And in case you are wondering why I dislike cars with number plates like this so much, it's because I have had too many close calls with them - and that includes when I've been in a car and a truck. A number plate like this generally indicates a driver who has only a passing knowledge of the road rules, and no respect for other road users (regardless of whether they be driving a bus, truck, car, motorbike, scooter or bike). Their poor road manners and aggression make life difficult and risky for all who happen to be on the road at the same time.

So my preference would be for them to grow up and get a grip. Unfortunately for some, they fail to do that, and end up setting themselves on fire after smashing into a tree/wall/other car at high speed because their ability to control a vehicle at speed is nowhere near the size of their ego. A number plate like this says, "I own the road, get out of my way". Sorry, you can get stuffed.

One day, you'll grow up and see my point. That day is probably two decades away for you, so I know I have no chance to change your mind now. I'm not even going to try.