Monday 12 October 2009

It suits you

Now I have seen it all - a bloke in a suit on a "full blown" bike - chrome mudguards, kick stand and so on. Perfect for a lazy trip into town from say Pyrmont - a distance of a few kilometres.

I tried to get a photo from side on with my proper camera, but the pedestrians were too thick and unpredictable. In other words, situation normal.

This type of bike certainly works if you are doing short distances on the flat at an easy pace. I don't do that. I gave it full power coming onto the Anzac Bridge this morning, seeing how long I could maintain a speed of 35km/h. Well, it wasn't long, but I held it at 33 all the way to the bit where you have to slow down and jink around a corner, losing all momentum. That's a pretty good pace considering the length and steepness of that rise.

I was pretty well blown by the time I got past the jinky bit, and a bloke whom I had shot past earlier ambled past me on the next rise. If you are about to say that slow and steady wins the race, I recovered my lungs and blew him off the road on the next hill. So - ha!

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