Friday 2 October 2009

Pedestrian gumbies

I am an equal opportunity hater. I hate idiots, gumbies and window lickers of all types.

One of my pet peeves is pedestrians who are too stupid to know how to jaywalk properly. Here's the deal - if you are going to walk out in front of me, at least throw a token glance in my direction. These idiots crossed the road without looking to their left, and did so just metres from a cross walk. They are also crossing the road diagonally, so they have no idea what is coming up behind them. Road kill waiting to happen.

The thing is, where I used to work down near a big legal chambers, the road was covered at 5pm in jaywalking barristers who were all head down, phone to ear, crossing road against the red and then looking unhappy when I missed them by a millimetre.

Gumbies. Everywhere.

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