Saturday 10 October 2009

Catching without trying

Damn this Picasa software. I want to do a time lapse that does not take too long to flick through. If I use one option, the fastest it will let me turn each slide is 1 second. If I use another option, the slowest it will allow me is 1/6th of a second. One is too slow, the other too fast. I reckon about 1/2 second would be just right.

Anyhoo, I caught a red light runner this week after giving him a one minute head start. Actually, I did not give him that start - the traffic lights did. I've timed it from where he jumps the lights to where I overtake, and after waiting a minute at the lights, I caught him 4 minutes after pushing off.

The silly thing is that because he had such a huge headstart, and had disappeared from view over a hill by the time I got going, I thought I had no chance of catching him, so I wasn't even trying! I was just rolling along at slower than normal pace, as I had no one alongside me to race.

It just goes to show that the things that will get you to your destination faster are fitness, power, stamina and patience. Real men don't need to jump the lights.

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