Monday 5 October 2009

Thought number four

Some say that it is essential that we have this thing called the ABC. The government must run a TV network.


If it is so important to have a state-owned operator in the TV sector, surely it is equally important to have one in the print media?

In that case, let's just nationalise the Fairfax Press and be done with it. Pay the shareholders 1c per share - they should have no case to complain.

Or perhaps the government could setup a newspaper in Sydney and Melbourne specifically to compete with the SMH and The Age, and give the government owned papers away for free.

I'd like to see the editorial line that Farifax would take in those circumstances.

My view is that the ABC does screen a certain amount of excellent content. Much of that was bought from elsewhere. On the other hand, British Leyland also managed to churn out a certain amount of well built P-76s. Just because the useless, left-leaning, sponging jobsworths at Leyland managed to screw together one car per day that didn't fall to bits by Christmas was no excuse not to shut the whole useless fucking enterprise down when it became clear that no one wanted its output.

The ABC serves up a few lustrous pearls in a bathtub full of shit. It's high time we pulled the plug on the whole sorry edifice.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I find the others offer little else of value or entertainment. If you have time to worry about the lack of content, then pay for more channels of rubbish or go to the video shop.

As you say "The ABC serves up a few lustrous pearls in a bathtub full of shit." then I believe the bathtub is not full for it floats in a sea of utter tripe!


WV: unally: as in unally good... better than what is found on the other channels