Monday 12 October 2009

I have a dream.....

Had a dream last night that I would get a flat tyre today.

Went outside to get the bike, and lo and behold, it had a flat tyre.

If you need to change a flat, better to do it at home where you can sit in a comfy chair in the backyard, rather than on the wet ground on the side of the road, and do it with rubber gloves (in order to keep all the grime off your hands). It also meant that I got to use my big pump, which puts 100psi into the tyre with a few quick pumps, rather than my stupid little portable pump which struggles to get 40psi into the tube before your pecs explode with the effort.

To cap it off, I even managed to put a patch over the puncture, so at least I have a spare tube that will retain air.

But how wierd is it to dream about something before it happens? Maybe I spotted the flat yesterday as I was rummaging around near the bike, and the subconcious picked it up, but the concious mind did not?

One for the X-files.

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What's an agronomist? said...

Confirmation bias. You have forgotten all the dreams that didn't "come true", and remembered one that did.