Friday 2 October 2009

Prams, dogs, gumbies

Gumbies. Gumbies with prams. Gumbies with dogs. Gumbies with prams and dogs. This clip shows 30 seconds of my life that I'd like back.

Some stupid flipping council has decided that because there is a risk of cyclists colliding with drunks, idiots and window lickers outside a rowing club, cyclists should have all sorts of impediments placed in their path. Council obviously didn't think that if you want to reduce the risk of a cyclist collecting a drunk standing around outside the club, the best thing to do might be to discourage packs of drunks from standing around outside the club.

Now I don't mind crawling past the club at walking speed. Sight lines at this location suck, and I've had a few close calls with moronic cyclists coming the other way at warp speed on the wrong side of the path - ie, mine. But what really, really fucked me off was the way this gumby with pram and dog walked through the traffic barriers..... and then stopped to have a chat with her friend.

Walk as slowly as you like - I don't mind. But don't stop for a chat in a fucking choke point, you gumby, especially when you have a path blocking dog and a path obstructing pram. I had to give her a very polite "Get the fuck out of my way" in order to get her fat arse moving again.

Note how she allows the dog to walk on the opposite side of the path to her, thus obstructing the path for anyone coming the other way. I've seen a few joggers almost go arse over tit in situations like this - they don't notice the dog leash until the last moment, and they have to vault over it or do a face plant.

The worrying thing is that we allowed this woman to breed........

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Margo's Maid said...

Whether you're on a bike or not it's one of my pet peeves - pedestrians who walk in front of you and suddenly stop. There ought to be a rulebook for pedestrians.

BTW feel free to drop me an email re your project -