Friday 30 October 2009

"They didn't do anything wrong."

"They didn't do anything wrong." Makes me sick.

  1. Teenager takes car without parents permission
  2. Teenager steals mum's credit card
  3. Teenager and friends bunk off from school
  4. 16 year old driver was given car for birthday in May. If the dates are right, she is too young to be on P plates. As a learner driver, she should not have been driving without an adult in the car.
I could probably go on.

But to say these kids did nothing wrong? Crap! How about taking responsibility for your actions. You fucked up, and your friend died. You are responsible. Actions have consequences. That sucks, but that's the truth. Face up to it.

1 comment:

Lee of Mid North Coast NSW said...

Spot on BoAB... my thoughts exactly - no way any of my four (now adult) offspring would have a car on their 16th birthday!!