Friday 2 October 2009

Sundry gumbies

A failure to follow the rules - using the drops at 25km/h. Tsk tsk. Fail. (This is a rather esoteric bit of snobbery that I am firmly in favour of).

Why is it that 4 out of 5 taxi drivers in Sydney are incapable of staying in their own farking lane? I work with a bloke who drives a WRX (the sort of people I would most like to shoot when the revolution comes), and he says that he is utterly intolerant of meandering taxi drivers these days. At the first sign of them wandering into his lane, he is on the lights and horn.

So I'm not paranoid.

Oh, and for those that like to have a go at cyclists thinking that they can get away with it... the next photo is me about to overtake said taxi. Not that he had done anything wrong, but if you know Sydney taxi drivers like I do, you'd realise that at this point, I was pedalling at 86mp/h. Sydney taxi drivers understand only two speeds - motionless, and Warp 9. No one ever overtakes a taxi in this town. Except me.

Very fancy bars on this bike. God, I am turning into a bike perve.

And then there is Gumby Number One for the day. The bloke in this clip cut across in front of me with no warning and no indicating. Good thing it was on an uphill section, where I was puffing along and could brake quickly, rather than a downhill section where I might have face planted into his back window.

When I got alongside him, I looked at him and found that he had a mobile in one hand and was looking into the car and fiddling with is GPS with the other. That is the position he was in when he pulled in front of me. Chances are, he never even saw me. He was much, much closer than the video makes out, especially when he was alongside me (which you can't see, due to the narrow angle of this camera).

If I had realised that was the case, I would have stopped and said something like, "Gee, you were really close when you cut me off. My bike has left a huge scratch down the side of your car", and then proceeded to apply one with a 50 cent coin.

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