Thursday 29 October 2009

Twats, fumes and a princess

When I got home, I downloaded my photos, looked at this one and thought, "Why on earth did I take this photo?"

Then I remembered - the bloke in blue on the right is a twat. I am sure he is the bloke who a few weeks ago, jumped the lights that I was patiently waiting at, and although he had about a 1km head start, I still caught him before we reached the city.

I took the above photo on the Pyrmont Bridge. There were a lot of bikes waiting to cross at the lights when I got there. I took my position at the back of the queue, but this guy tried to barge in up the front. When the lights went green, he barged in when going up the "pram ramps", and once on the bridge, instead of getting into single file with all the other bikes, he blurted off into the crowd of pedestrians to ram his way through. All for the sake of reaching the far end of the bridge a few seconds before the rest of us.

I reckon this twat drives a WRX when he is not on a bicycle.

Then we have fumes. I blogged yesterday about how clean modern car engines are. What I forgot about is that some motorbikes are still spewing out relatively large amounts of crap. I stopped behind the motorbike on the right and had to move sideways after a few seconds - I was choking on the shit spewing out of his exhaust at idle.

Then we have the princess. Unfortunately, I was too shocked when I saw her to take a photo. She was dressed in what I can only describe as a Laura Ashley lacey dress, and was astride a very prim and proper contraption that would not have looked out of place at an English picnic in 1934. Most days, all I see are sweaty, grime streaked go-fast lycra clad people (like the bloke above left). It's really unusual to see someone dressed like they have just stepped out of Brideshead Revisited.

Good on her. I need my lycra for the kind of journey I do each day, but if you can get away without it, all power to you.

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