Tuesday 27 October 2009

Not abiding by the spirit of the law

We have a simple rule about changing the toilet roll in our household - if you use the last sheet, you change the roll. No one leaves an empty roll on the holder for the next person.

So imagine what confronted me in the bathroom this morning after Junior had paid a visit.

Yes, in order to avoid the tedious chore of replacing a roll of toilet paper, he ensured that he left one sheet on the roll, thus avoiding the "empty roll" law.

That is not exactly abiding by the spirit of the law. I might present him with one sheet of paper tonight and invite him to wipe his bottom with it. That might get the point across. Unless he is a fan of Cheryl Crow.

It's not as if changing a roll is an onerous and time consuming task. We have a stick kind of thing on one side of the bogger, and it holds six full rolls. On the other side of the throne, we have the holder. Whilst sitting there, it is a no brainer to swap them out.

Teenagers. Always looking for new and inventive ways to be lazier than they were last week.


kae said...

MDFD always liked it when I visited. Apart from her, I was the only other person in the house qualified to change the empty toilet roll.

Her teenage son never did.

He's no 26 with an adorable two and a half year old he's almost bringing up on his own, he's learnt to do a lot of things he wasn't qualified for!

bigtones said...

We have an equivalent problem filling water bottles kept in the fridge. Inevitably you get two bottles with half a cup in each (if you are lucky). I won't go on to the occasional tupperware that has had the contents conumed, yet it remains in the fridge until we find it and dig it out.

It seems life is a series of lessons to be nagged again, again, again.... etc, probably never to be learnt until prodgeny has to do it for himself (though will probably adapt living standards first) or more likely has to train their own offspring.

I read a quote somewhere that resonated "becoming a father made me a better son"