Thursday 29 October 2009

City vs Country, part IV

I will blog more on this topic at a later date, when I feel up to it, but here is a start.

A relative of ours was killed in a country car crash recently (which is why we were spending time in a country town). The way we found out about it deserves some telling.

The first cop on the scene got on the radio and broadcast a description of the car and rego back to the local police station.

The father of my brother in law was listening to his scanner, and heard the call go out. He instantly knew who that car belonged to. He quickly got on the phone to the police to confirm it was true. They confirmed the bad news, and sent two officers around to the place where my brother in law works to tell him in person. It was then up to him to break the news to the family. Because the Police knew everyone involved, they were able to immediately go to the best person in the family to break the news to everyone else. I wouldn't call that service with a smile, but they certainly did our family an enormous service by handling things that way.

The day after the funeral, we went to the fete at one of the local schools. Monkey had a few rides on the pony ride. The bloke running the pony ride was a real character - I took to him instantly.

I found out after that he was the first cop on the scene.

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