Monday 5 October 2009

Lemon cyclist

I had forgotten all about this photo of a fellow commuter, snapped the other night on the way home. You don't see many bikes like this on the road at commuting time - she is a one of a kind. Basket on handlebars is a nice touch. She's breaking about eleventy-seven rules of the fast commuting fraternity, but I'm not going to get all snobbish and knobbish here.

Her yellow jacket reminded me of the dessert that M brought over on Saturday for our lunch. It was a lemon meringue pie, made with 4 lemons and not much sugar. It was fantastic. I thought my teeth were going to pop out of the back of my head when I had my first bite - talk about tart! But that's the way I like it. We've been going to a local club from time to time when we can't be bothered cooking, and dessert there has been a disaster on every occasion. I've had their version of a lemon tart, and it was sugar mixed with a few bits of lemon rind. If you're eating a lemon tart, the very least it should offer is the taste of lemons! And if you don't like the sharpness of lemons - don't order a lemon tart! Easy! Don't bugger up a lemon tart by adding a packet and a half of sugar.

It looked like a big dessert when it arrived. M took the tray home with her - all that was left was a few crumbs. That's definitely my kind of dessert.

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