Thursday 29 October 2009

Shoe on other foot - buses in bike lane

The local media has had a field day this week with the story of the agro cyclist who punched a bus driver in the face. My workmates have been cracking jokes non-stop at my expense. I might have to tell them to shut up, or I will punch them in the face.

I've never seen the point in punching drivers in the face. In my opinion, the best way to deal with idiotic WRX drivers is to shoot them. Punching is for wimps.

The punch up was caused by the cyclist riding illegally in a bus transit way, which I will agree is wrong, wrong, wrong. However, from the video I have seen, the bus driver decided that he would punish the cyclist by hooning past him and then pulling in quickly, giving the cyclist a scare by nearly crushing him between a 15 tonne bus and a concrete wall.

That, in my opinion, is the behaviour of a c*&t, and the driver should be taken off the road. If he's going to lose his rag over something like that, and come close to killing someone as a result, then he should be put to work counting paper clips. He should thank his lucky stars that he is currently not sitting in a gaol cell, denied bail for killing a cyclist with his bus.

We cyclists, being the perfect and un-aggravatable beings that we are, never go ape shit when a bus parks in a bike lane and blocks it for all and sundry. Or four buses, one after the other.

By the time I go past the cyclist in yellow, I am doing about 50km/h - which is my usual speed down this stretch. The buses, in all their bike lane blocking glory, also block the sight lines from the side streets. Some drivers have a bad habit of just pulling out, even if they can't see what is coming down the hill.

To me, this is just a fact of life. The road is only so wide, and buses are pretty fat. Unless the road is widened at the points where the buses have to park, they are always going to obstruct the bike lane. But you don't see any cyclists going past here in the morning and getting agro at the bus drivers because the buses are stopped in our lane, stuffing us around.

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Anonymous said...

It's worse here in the Philippines, most especially in Marikina (about 15km east of Manila) where bicycle lanes are already a way of life. The motorists here are so very selfish, if not idiot and careless, as they indiscriminately use and block bike lanes for their own sake. Most notorious are the jeepney drivers (jeepneys are among the cheapest mode of public transpo here in the Philippines) where they see the passengers but not the cyclists passing by. I was almost crushed n times because of those idiot, reckless drivers.

Oh, I would rather love to shoot those idiot drivers dead for almost crushing me because of their recklessness. Or let them be mauled and tortured on site.