Saturday 10 October 2009

"I can't hear you"

I pass a lot of pedestrians every day on my too and from work. I go past at least a few dozen whilst going around The Bay, and hundreds once I get into the more densely populated paths of the CBD.

Most of them are considerate and aware of their surroundings and they'll move to the left to give me room to pass if they see me coming, or hear my bell as I come up behind them.

And then there are the occasional festering dickfaces who act as if they own the path. Fuck, there are days when I get to the end of my trip and I start thinking how to attach a holster to the frame of the bike.

The following short video shows me and another cyclist having a small run in with a fucking earplug wearing Ninja with shit for brains. Note how she is dressed in black from head to foot (because black is more flattering on your fat arse). These types like to dress like an invisible Ninja and then walk along unlit paths at night on the wrong side of the path, and then get upset when joggers fail to see them and slam into them.

The gist of the story is that she was holding a position on the path which prevented anyone from getting by. Both me and the bloke in front were ringing our bells and yelling at her, but she refused to budge.

As the bloke in front slipped past, she gave him a superior, shit-eating grin and tried to excuse her moronic behaviour by pointing at her iPod headphones and saying, "I can't hear you".

My retort was, "Well, take your fucking headphones out".

Seriously, some people are that stupid. If you can't hear what is going on around you because loud music is blocking out incoming sound, remove the music. Or get used to the idea of always, always hugging the left hand side of the path.

But don't try and use the excuse of, "I own an iPod; therefore I am entitled to act like a fucking twat".

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BOB said...

Pull in front hit the brakes. works every time.