Saturday 31 October 2009

More idiots

There are good days on the road, and then there are bad days. On Friday, I copped it from idiots of all types. Here is another one, overtaking by going into the bike lane.

As my favourite swear blogger would say, this bloke should have a wheel spoke jammed up his Jap eye.


Anonymous said...

If i knew who you where i would of ran you over then revsered and run you over again

Anonymous said...

you're a dipshit! He needed to get into that lane to turn left you moron!

Anonymous said...

It's worse here in the Philippines, most especially in Marikina (about 15km east of Manila) where bicycle lanes are already a way of life. The motorists here are so very selfish, if not idiot and careless, as they indiscriminately use and block bike lanes for their own sake. Most notorious are the jeepney drivers (jeepneys are among the cheapest mode of public transpo here in the Philippines) where they see the passengers but not the cyclists passing by. I was almost crushed n times because of those idiot, reckless drivers.