Monday 14 June 2010

Now for something less serious

Rocket car powered by Coke Zero and mentos - check it out.

The rest of the blog posts over there are worth a read too.


Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure where to leave this comment (raving)
I read your response on Mr. Watts blog.

your comment,
"The Mrs. was crook"

I am familiar with a lot of AZ and NZ sayings but that one is a bit of a mystery to this American. Care to share the meaning? :-)

Boy on a bike said...

The wife was sick.

Missus = wife

Crook, as in "crook as a dead dog"

kae said...

I like the Sydney saying 'Crook as Rookwood', Rookwood is the largest necropolis (cemetery) in the southern hemisphere, and it's in Sydney. Sick enough to be in the cemetery is the loos translation.

kae said...