Tuesday 15 June 2010

Tuesday photos

Today, I tried to follow the principles espoused by Cav regarding photography - particularly the rule of thirds. As I was riding at just under 30km/h when I took these, and I took them blind by poking the camera in the general direction of what I wanted to photograph, I think I got it halfway right.

The city in the mist.

I really needed to be about 20 feet back when I took this next photo - it would have framed the smoke stacks better with the sun behind them. However, that would have left me halfway up an overbridge, and that is no place to stop a bike.

And finally, a photo of another cyclist - haven't taken one of these for a while. This guy was plodding along happily in his jeans and trainers, not in a hurry at all. I just can't relax and take it easy like that - I don lycra, I have to move.

1 comment:

kae said...

Cav's photo posts have been great!
I love his pix. Yours are usually great, too.
Well, the not-bikeriders'-bums pix.