Saturday 12 June 2010

Lame statement of the week

Cut to Dr. Theonia Boyd’s letter to the media: “My husband and I did not experience drinking at group parties in high school... therefore we had no red flag precedents to rely upon.”
From here.

What a pair of wierdos. With no mates. Imagine - not going to a drinking party at high school!!

And in case you are wondering, I was a complete swot at school. Who also happened to party on when appropriate - which was pretty much any time we could sneak away to a party.


Steve at the Pub said...

Declaration: I never experienced drinking at group parties, or any other type of party at high school.
We'd have had our arses caned off if we did.

One group of seniors had a drinking party (when I was a junior) They had their arses caned off, lost their senior's priveliges, the school captiain, one of the party, was cashiered, as were all other team captains or anybody of any prefect rank, they all got suspended (however suspension was seen as a holiday, NOT punishment, though when one got home the parents may have imparted an alternative view).

Never mind the sheer difficulty of laying hands on alcohol, we'd have all been too scared after that. Not only a big shame job, a caning from the head (who could REALLY wield a cane) but the real punishment that the fathers would have dished out when they got home.

Horror stories abounded of stockwhips, dad's belt (buckle included), fibreglass riding crops, and other neo-medieval instruments of flogging too numerous to mention.

That was for getting caught drinking by the school. At home most of us were filled with rum, beer & on special occassions bubbly.
But all to be drunk with dad watching, god help anyone who drank on the QT. (for drinking on the QT, just see the penalty for getting caught drinking at school & double it)

Boy on a bike said...

I got busted once - got six of the best from a bloke who could really wield a cane. Had bleeding welts for a week. Yes, the punishment was severe - but we still tried it on.

Boy on a bike said...

This all happened back in the days when pubs never checked ID. We had several pubs close to our boarding school that never batted an eyelid when we turned up on Saturday night for a beer or two or ten - at age 15. Our seniors got into a world of hurt one year when they went out on a post-exam binge, and were busted stealing a few kegs from the back of a pub. It was not a good look when the cops rang the school and asked them to send a bus to bail them all out.