Saturday 12 June 2010

Saturday photos

Posting this week has been quiet due to the bike going tits-up. The cable on the right should be connected to the nipply thing on the left. Without it, I can't change between the big and small cogs on the front. I could still ride, but lacked the wherewithal to reach top speed - that combined with a cold has reduced me to taking the bus this week. And the bus is not good for the brain.

I saw the most un-safety Nazi like thing when I was getting the bike fixed. A family had walked home, and instead of waiting for Dad to unlock the front gate, a girl of about six climbed onto the neighbours fence, then up some wooden slats and onto a fat brick fence post, and from there onto the top of their front wall - a wall about six feet high. From there, she grabbed a tree branch and swung into their front yard, and unlocked the gate from the inside. She went up that wall pretty quickly - she was obviously well practiced.

I'm sure there are battalions of OH&S types out there that would just love to know where this family lives so that they can sue childhood services onto the parents. Which is why this photo is blurry and in black and white.


Richard_H said...

I have to ask, how does the shifter cable come out of the shifter??

Also, does this happen often with Shimano gears? I don't want that to happen on the way home! Bad enough when I break a spoke 10km from home....

Boy on a bike said...

It snapped off inside the shifter. It started going soggy about a week before it broke - it was taking two taps of the lever to get it to shift up. I thought the cable had gotten sticky with the rain - it had probably frayed, and the frayed edges were stopping it from shifting properly. So if your shifty gets soggy, time to get a new cable!