Wednesday 23 June 2010

Wednesday photos

Rain, rain, rain and more bloody rain. It rained so hard on the way home, I didn't dare take a single photo in case the camera drowned. The wet isn't deterring many cyclists - I wouldn't say the bridge was crowded this morning, but there were quite a few about - like the 3 in this photo.

There were even a few heading out of town.

This is my camera getting wetter and foggier as the journey went on.

The rain didn't deter the hardcore joggers either.

The cold and rain does take a bit of a toll on your skin though. I've resorted to using a facial scrub when I get home to remove the film of oil that builds up from all the oily water flicking off the road. My face felt like a Louisiana pelican tonight. The hands cop it from the cold - let's just say there is a bottle of hand cream in the bath room that is slowly emptying by mysterious means.


cav said...

Hey Big Boy, what's your views on Bourke Rd?

Has the bike thingo stuffed traffic?

Boy on a bike said...

Haven't been down that way in quite a while. I used to drive down there for dinner once in a blue moon - must go back one day and have a squiz.