Saturday 19 June 2010


It's been a very crispy 8 degrees every morning this week when I've headed out the door. The body has finally adjusted to the drop in temperature - I've shed the top layer and am now comfortable with 2 instead of 3. That means I'm a bit chilly for the first few minutes of the ride, but I am not arriving at work swimming in a shower proof jacket full of sweat.

All the other cyclists who went into hibernation when the mercury first fell have emerged from the woodwork. They've been through their hardening up process and are now mentally prepared for the cold winter months. There were swarms of them about this week.

The Pyrmont bike route appears to be almost ready for Clover Moore to come along and cut a ribbon. Just to annoy everyone on two wheels, the route was opened up on Tuesday and then closed again the following day. However, everyone that used it on Tuesday then expected to be able to use if after that, so they rode into it at the top end, and then found it blocked at the bottom end. I reckon Clover doesn't want anyone using it until she has seen her photo inserted into a dozen press releases about it.

I think the next photo is Tuesday, showing the route largely open.

A cyclist with his winter warmers on - leg and arm warmers. Or is it a her?

Now to get all arty - I like the way the three pointy bits lined up here - the top of the staunchion holding up the tram overhead wiring - the pointy hat on the old building, and then the "astronaut escape tower" on the far building.

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Unknown said...

I'm doing a project called Biking Brisbane - capturing images & stories of cyclists in the city,, if you know anyone with a story to tell.