Friday 18 June 2010

I bet this guy feels like a dick now

First new report:

A neighbour, David Lynch, said police should have called off the chase once they entered an area where scores of children were walking home.

A MAN has admitted he tried to kill two schoolgirls with the car he was driving so police would stop pursuing him after a violent rampage through western Sydney, a court was told.

Charlie McGee, 24, has been charged with four counts of attempted murder and 23 other offences after a series of crimes across five suburbs and eight locations over an hour on Wednesday afternoon. Ten people were assaulted or threatened, police said.

The attack began with the alleged bashing of a man with a hammer at Lalor Park at 2pm and ended after the pursuit in Doonside in which Mr McGee allegedly ran into the two girls aged 14 and seven.

Police documents tendered to Blacktown Local Court yesterday said he admitted he did so deliberately, aiming to kill the girls so the chase would be called off.

The pursuit continued and Mr Gee was arrested a short time later. The girls suffered only minor injuries.

I think this is one of those cases where the cops actually have the facts, and the neighbour didn't. Knowing that this nutter was running amok trying to kill and maim people, they would have been mad to stop and let him go. That they arrested him without shooting him is a miracle - and a sign of great restraint being shown.

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