Tuesday 29 June 2010


Just about froze my fingertips off yesterday. The temp was down to 5 when I left - much colder than the 8-13 degrees that we have been having in the mornings. I blame the lack of cloud cover.

My fingers stopped complaining bitterly after about 10 minutes - either warm blood started circulating throughout the body, or the nerves iced up. I'm off to find my long fingered winter gloves this morning.

My toes were bright pink and painful when I took my shoes off - the shoes are beautifully ventilated so that your feet do not fry in summer. Not so useful in winter. The sun is starting to light things up - time to go.

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Richard_H said...

Cold up here in Bris too...

Takes an extra 10min nearly in the morning to squeeze into the winter gear. Overboots and long gloves a necessity.