Thursday 24 June 2010

Thursday photos

Yes, yes, yes - there is stuff happening in the country today, but I couldn't give a rat's arse. This is just business as usual in our family - one relative was a player in three previous historical political assassinations, and compared to the Big One, this is a bit passe. I'm over it. Here is much more interesting stuff - diggers in the mist.

Which one do you prefer?

Although it was reasonably frosty out there this morning, this madman was riding in a sleeveless top - no arm warmers and no leg warmers. Some people just don't appear to feel the cold.

Does cropping it to remove all the cars improve the photo? I like how he's heading for that misty gateway in the distance...

Being a shared pathway, there is usually a bit of dodging that has to be done to get around the slower movers. The fun really begins when a fast moving bike wants to overtake a slow moving bike, and the slow moving bike is trying to overtake some pedestrians. I am sure I am going to witness a really good pile up one day.

Heading home in the dark, following a proto-ninja. He's not quite entirely dressed in black from head to foot, but he's getting there.

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