Wednesday 30 June 2010

Monday afternoon photos

Part two of the Monday batch. Here's a bright looking back pack - I was almost blinded by the sunlight reflecting off it. The antithesis of the Ninja look.

Ageing hipster heading home. He had the cuffs cut off the bottom of his jeans, and wore his bike lock around his waist. Probably an academic.

Another view, with his head in the clouds.

Sunset tonight was pretty awesome. The water in the Bay was not quite mirror flat, but flat enough to look like a burnished mirror in places.

Cyclist taking the low road.

I love the reflection of the clouds on the water.

That building on the left is the UTS rowers club. Top floor is a restaurant. How I'd love to sit up there with a beer, watching a sunset like this.

Yes, it was this dazzling. When I went around the bend, I was completely blinded by the sun.

The reflection off the water at this point was something else. There was a pool of dead still water, and the sun reflecting off it turned the water almost white.

And that's it.

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