Tuesday 15 June 2010

Meandering fool

There is just one problem with bike lanes that run along the edge of roads - all that separates the cars from the bikes is a strip of white paint a few inches wide. The painted line provides a rather unrealistic expectation that cyclists will be safe because cars will be over there and we will be over here.

Unfortunately, there are some drivers that have trouble keeping their car under control. I don't know if this bloke/Sheila is drunk, tired or just fiddling with his Blackberry, but he/she went back and forth across the white line several times after passing me - the video only picked him/her doing it once. Thankfully, they only went across the line by a small distance - I've seen some knuckleheads drift or swerve right across the bike lane, which would have been rather nasty if the lane had been occupied by a bike at the same time.

If you can't control your flipping car, take the bus.

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