Wednesday 30 June 2010

Monday morning photos

Lots of photos today, so I am dividing them into two chunks. To work and from work.

It was a crispy old morning in Sydney - it was 3 degrees when I left home, and I thought my ears were going to snap off before I was halfway into town. I don't know how Tony Abbott has made it through so many Canberra winters on his bike and kept his flappers attached to his head.

Look at that water - beautiful. And undoubtedly bloody cold.

I've used a bit of zoom to capture the top section of the Harbour bridge in the distance - see that curved bit slightly left of middle?

First there was one rower....

....then there was a swarm. I hope they were wearing wetsuits.

They went this way and that, some crews racing against others, other solitary crews doing stroke improvement exercises.

A shot with 2/3 sky...

...and one with 2/3 water. I prefer the water shot, particularly as the water gets so dark as it gets closer to you.

A crew heading home.

The last of the moon over a bunch of boats.

Stopping to take all these snaps just about killed me. I had to take a glove off each time to work the camera, and the lack of motion before I was properly warmed up risked muscle seizures in the legs. But I reckon it was worth it.

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