Wednesday 16 June 2010

Wednesday photos - continued

Righto, in the last post I said that this photo could benefit from a bit of cropping. I think I was right.

The city at sunset. This looks smashing full size.

Yes, yes, yes - I have to publish photos of other cyclists. Especially ones in combat pants with leg warmers - a very interesting look.

I tried and tried to get an artfully framed shot of the underside of the ANZAC bridge. This is the best I could do. I have ridden past photography classes at this spot a few times - at least that's what I assume when I see a dozen or so artistic types dressed in black from head to foot lugging very large and expensive cameras on tripods up the bike ramp. The berets usually give them away. I find the bridge really hard to shoot - unlike the Harbour Bridge, a good vantage point is hard to find. What I was looking for here was the far support to be framed by the closer support. I'll have to keep trying. All the crappy trucks under the bridge don't help - you don't find that under the Harbour Bridge.

More cyclists. First there were two....

...then I put the camera away and along came number 3. So I took the camera out and took another snap, then put it away again.

And then along came number 4, and then number 5. I couldn't be bothered photographing them, although in hindsight, it would have made a good series.

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cav said...

Top shots big boy... keep at it.