Friday 4 September 2009

Where does a 16 year old get a pistol from?

More on the clean up of a waste of space by the local police this week.

Sydney is not exactly awash with handguns, so one has to ask the question, where does a pair of teenage robbers obtain a pistol and rifle? I doubt they acquired them on the spur of the moment before robbing the pub in question - getting your mitts on a gatt requires a large amount of premeditation. And money - these things aren't cheap.

So where did the pistol come from, and the cash to pay for it?

How did they intend to get away? On pushbikes, or in a stolen car?

Once you start adding up all the bad, bad things that this duo had to do in order to get to the point where the police ventilated one of them, you really have to wonder how the mother of ex-desperado Number One could describe him as a "good boy". They must be handing out packets of delusion with the dole cheques.


Anonymous said...

"They must be handing out packets of delusion with the dole cheques."

Really admire your style of writing and the way you have written about this in both posts.

Anonymous said...

Links back to comments about parenting and the dislike to ensure a child turns into a useful and productive adult as they are too interested in themselves.

I commented recently to my wife that I am amazed to see kids obviously underage divvying up a a carton of bourbon and cola (a popular brand) in a local park on a Friday night. Looked like an older kid had bought the carton (it may even have been two). By my last reckonning these things cost at least $5 each, so a carton would cost $120. I just thought "that's too much" so tried an internet search, come up with a site claiming specials at $108.71 a carton of 24 x 340ml cans.

WTF? I was insenced that kids would have this sort of money to trash themselves with (and the local park given the number of empties we enevitably pick up).

My wifes response... Parents would rather give their children $50 at the end of the week than put up with them at home. Her experience in this matter...? a teacher in a northern suburbs school in Perth.

When underage drinking goes topshelf, someone is actively not caring!


WV:lipsiver - someone giving lip service to issues?