Friday 18 September 2009

Friday fog

Ok, the fog really happened yesterday (Thursday), but I am putting up the pics on Friday. Besides, Friday fog sounds better than Thursday fog.

I have some photos taken earlier than this one, but there is no point in putting them up. They're just a blank wall of grey. Visibility was pretty low.

And then suddenly I was out of the fog, and into the realm of dickhead drivers - like this tool double parked across the bike lane. That must be the world's most crap double park.

A member of the Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club, instantly recognisable by his jersey. These guys take their racing seriously. I didn't try to overtake - that could have sparked some nasty duelling.

When I saw these two, my immediate thought was that the bloke on the left was wearing the most gay shorts I have ever seen.

Then they took off, and left me for dead. I had new found respect for Mr Gay Shorts. Mr Gay Shorts also had some fun with the traffic cones we came across just down the road - he darted inside the line of them, and started knocking them over with his right hand. Unfortunately, he spotted me taking his photo, so he stopped just as I snapped this pic. Damn. It looked pretty cool to see him doing it. However, it wouldn't have been cool if one of the cones had bounced in front of me. Hmm.

And that was the week. Just over 140km on the bike. Not far enough, but sufficient to have me snoring on the couch again after dinner, and craving a big bottle of Coke.

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