Tuesday 1 September 2009

Getting from A to B

More on my vague and infrequent hints on how to get from out here to in there.... there being the city. So you've made it onto the Bay Run, and figured which way to go in order to get to the city (big hint - do not ride towards the Iron Cove Bridge. Ride the other way).

After you crawl past the rowing club, you'll be presented with an option - to continue on the flat, or go up a small incline. Take the incline. Go up the slope. You can take the low road if you want - I do it sometimes when I am on the road around 0630 in summer, as it takes you up to Leichhardt and extends the ride a bit. However, it involves a bit of road work, and the road in question is best taken before the traffic builds up after 0700. So play it safe, and take the high road.

Once you get over the canal, you have two choices. Bust a gut going straight up the Lilyfield Rd hill, or bust half a gut by taking the long way around. I like the long way, as it is more scenic, and I don't like getting to the top of this hill with no puff left. There are traffic lights at the top, and there is nothing worse than arriving at the crest completely blown, and having them go green just as you stop. The effort required to get moving again, and to cross the intersection (which is also on a slight slope) is quite dreadful. The long way involves none of that.

The long way goes past La Montage, a wog palace of monstrous proportions.

At the end of the car park, take the path. Just watch out for dogs and pedestrians - bikes are not that common on this part of the Bay, and pedestrians and dogs wander this way and that with little regard for fast movers on two wheels. Slow down and have a look at the rowers (if there are any training).

And then we have the slightly less steep hill. It is flatter, but it is much longer. You get to a false crest up at the top of this photo, and then face another two rises. However, they aren't much, and the traffic is very light. Perfect for bludgers like moi.

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