Saturday 19 September 2009

Red light jumping gumbies

I hate people that fail to stop at red lights, whether they are on two wheels or four. The bloody lights are there for a reason, and clowns who get busted skipping them get what they deserve.

There's a certain class of cyclist that does it all the time. I don't know whether they think the road rules don't apply to them, or that it will get them to their destination a minute or two sooner.

I've therefore decided that if I am waiting patiently at the lights and a bike goes past me with utter disregard for the red, I am going to wait for green and then chase them down and catch them. I did it a few times this week, just to prove to myself that skipping the lights won't get gumbies there faster than me. One bloke started with a lead of several hundred metres, and I caught him within a minute or so. The annoying thing is that although I had gaffer-taped a video camera to my handlebars, the bloody thing had slipped forward and all I filmed of the chase was my front tyre racing over the bitumen.

Passing these clowns is doubly rewarding. They think they're too cool for school by blasting through the intersection, but in reality, most are piss weak when it comes to power, stamina and fitness. Taking them out is a must. I wonder what they are thinking when they zip past the old fart waiting at the lights, going "Goodbye grandpa", and then the wrinkly bastard powers past them on the next hill without even getting out of the saddle or puffing heavily.

So I therefore present this video of some puffing, out of the saddle people. Some cyclists really make a meal of it, standing up and chuffing away at the slightest provocation. I was slightly frustrated by this pair, because they went up the spiral quite a bit slower than I normally do, and there was no way I could get around them.

That said, when we got to the top, the green guy took off, and I just went bleah and watched him tear off into the sunset.

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