Sunday 6 September 2009

People to feel sorry for

This week, I really felt sorry for John Della-Bosca. The guy has a prick of a job (sorting out the disaster area that is NSW Health), his wife is a troll, the government is imploding and he has the luck to pull a bird half his age. He then spends six months rooting her in all sorts of places, including his office, and then once it's all over, she spills the beans on him.

My first reaction to this was BFD. Sure, I hate this state government with a passion, and I wish they'd spend their remaining days being dunked ball's first into boiling oil, but I never thought that a bit of rumpy-pumpy on the side was a reason for ditching pineapple face. For goodness sake - take one look at his pog of a wife and tell me the last time he got his end away at home. When he met his mistress, his balls must have been full enough to have been dragging on the carpet behind him.

So what if he skived off a bit of work? And fibbed to the odd security guard? Face it, if the security guards are parliament house can no longer trust our MPs, our civilisation is doomed. If an MP vouches for someone, that should be it, no questions asked. Zooming his root past security without any checks being done should be the perogative of our MPs. We trust the bastards with billions of dollars of our money - the least we can do is trust them not to bring a suicide bomber into the chamber.

All it shows is that he was unfit to be Premier. He didn't have the work ethic for it, and I'm sure he blabbed all sorts of political indiscretions to his bit of pussy. But he was the Minister for Health - who cares if he leaks the minutes of the budget committee for the sanitary disposal of surgical gloves when he's in the sack?

I'm not exactly calling for him to be put back in charge - personally, I'd rather see his head on a pike on display in Hyde Park. But if anyone is to blame, it's the shower of worthless crooks and shysters that he shares government with. Their collective failings have annoyed the public to the point where failure to tie one's shoelaces will soon be seen as a hanging offence for a minister.

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daddy dave said...

yeah I felt sorry for him too. Like you said, you can't blame the guy.