Friday 4 September 2009

Friday flat

I started the day with a bucketful of good intentions. I was out of bed much earlier than usual, and hit the road when the sky and water were the colour of lead. I was happily buzzing into work, thinking that I'd be there extra early, and I'd get through my stuff and leave equally early.

I was so early, there was hardly anyone on the road. I found this guy running along and pushing his bike - not sure what his malfunction was, but he stopped running and looked back just as I took the photo.

It was not long after that I had my own malfunction - a flat. I had all the right gear to fix it, except for a pair of rubber gloves. Changing a tube is a filthy business, and I usually carry a pair of disposable gloves to protect my precious cuticles and all that. I finished the job with grease and crap all over me up to the elbows. Not a single bike went past during that time - I was truly out and about before the fluffing of the sparrows.

A bloke with a dog walked past, and I found after that one of my tyre levers had gone walkabout. Apart from blindness, the only explanation is that the dog took it with him!

I stopped on the Pyrmont Bridge on the way in to buy a Legacy badge from some 3RAR blokes. The bloke I bought the badge from said thanks. I should have said thanks back - as in thanks for his service. Most of them looked like they had a serious collection of medals from serving here, there and everywhere.

On the way home, I spotted this bloke with a very cool set of white walled tyres. The raised structure on the left is the control booth for swinging the bridge. I've only ever seen the bridge open once in all the times I have crossed it.

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