Friday 18 September 2009

Picking apart the news

The SMH is notorious for publishing stories about "men of no appearance"; unless they happen to be white:

The man was described as being of white or European appearance and about 170 to 180 centimetres tall. He was wearing black pants and a short-sleeved shirt.

A white dickhead in Wollongong - can't be too hard to find.

The online edition does not feature the artwork that appeared in the paper edition, but I am pretty sure that this story on missile defence used the widely discredited fake photo of Iran's photoshopped missile launch.

It was hard to tell, reading the paper in a cafe, as they had only used part of the image. However, knowing the SMH, I would not put it past them to use an image that everyone outside the MSM believes to be fraudulent. I guess the facts don't matter, as long as the image fits the meme. Or whatever.

Which is why the only place you will find me reading a Fairfax paper in in a cafe, where they are free.

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