Tuesday 15 September 2009

Four views

Whilst I can see the point of these fold up bikes for short commutes, I doubt you will ever see me on one of them. Whenever I see one, I am reminded of monkeys riding bicycles at the circus. My big complaint, as usual, is that they just aren't fast enough. I feel the need - the need for speed.

Forget the bike - it's the satchel I am interested in. I was wondering if that striped hi-viz red and yellow stuff was purposely put there to make the rider more visible from the rear. If so, it's a good design principle - funky, yet functional. I hate satchels by the way - they always have a tendency to slip into the wrong position.

Judging by the amount of bum crack this bloke is showing, he must be a brickie.

And then we have our daily speedy person. He was very nice, and didn't pound along at full power, allowing me to keep up and admire his form. Have a look at him (he appeared to be in his early 40s) and then read this article.

Now I am not normally a keen observer of the male buttocks and so on, but I had to admit that this bloke was very "fit" in an English sense. Do the ladies really get offended when a well toned bloke like this pulls up in front of them at the lights? Or do they follow him for a while, watching the action of his glorious glutes?

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