Saturday 26 September 2009

Putting the feet up

It's been a light week so far in terms of mileage. I took a day off during the dust storm, and took today off because I am doing the Spring Cycle on Sunday. Although I am doing the 50km route, by the time you add up getting there and then getting home from the finish line, the total will be more like 80km. And then I have to get up and ride to work the next day. And the day after that. So I am taking it easy, and resting the legs. Besides, it was nice to have a few beers after work, and feel like a normal person.

There was surprisingly little dust left in the air the day after the storm. I was expecting to be blowing red snot out of my snoz whilst in the shower at work, but nothing eventuated. Big hoo-ha, over faster than you can say "a-choo". The storm was accompanied though by a big drop in temperature - it was 31 when I rode home the day before, and no more than 22 on the day the dust hit. I suspect that was mainly due to the cold front that carried the dust with it, but I suppose the dust would have also cut down on all that solar radiation that normally hits us.

I read in the paper that some owners of luxury cars are "distraught" that their cars got dirty. Oh boo-fucking-hoo. Either that was the biggest media beatup of the year, or some people need to harden the fuck up. As the Devil would say, "They should be beaten to death with their own cocks".

I have splashed out and bought a proper "action camera" for mounting on the bike. The day after I ordered it, Kae emailed to say that Aldi are selling them for less than I paid. Aaaaargh! Anyway, no use crying over spent money, and besides, one of the major camera chains is selling it for $80 more than I paid, so I feel partly as if I got a good deal. The Internet really is a bastard of a thing - no matter how good a deal you find, five minutes after you buy something, you'll find it cheaper somewhere else.

The box has arrived, so I will spend the morning tinkering with it. Review to follow. We'll see if it is better than the gaffer-tape method.


Wand said...

BOAB - I'm having a 'rest' day today too because I'm doing the Spring cycle ride tomorrow as well. Mind you after inspecting the weather this morning - heavy gusts of wind and lots of dust -a ride today is out of the question.

So see you there I suppose amongst all the other cyclists as you will see me. I'm riding North Sydney. And you?


Boy on a bike said...

Yes, North Sydney for me. I like riding over the Harbour Bridge in a road lane.

My plan is to be at the start by 7am, in order to get in front of all the slugs.