Thursday 3 September 2009

Goodbye to another "good boy"

A TEENAGE robber shot dead by police was the brother of two men convicted over the slaying of highway patrol officer Glenn McEnally six years ago.

The identity of Tavita Taufahema, 18, was revealed last night - the day after he was killed having taken a hostage in an armed hold-up at the Canley Heights Hotel in western Sydney.

Two police officers who raced to the pub following a triple-0 call early on Tuesday fired their service weapons when Taufahema refused to drop his gun. There is no suggestion they knew the identity of the young robber, who was with an accomplice. But one relative last night accused police of targeting the family deliberately, as Taufahema's mother Helen said he was "a good boy".
Gee, the two of them went into a pub with a rifle and a pistol, robbed the pub as well as 15 patrons and then held the pistol to the head of the bar manager, and the mum thinks her son was a good boy.

I must be living in an alternate reality.

Well done to the cops involved. Concentrate on the fore sight, centre mass, double tap. Some might feel bad about the death of an 18 year old, but my sympathy goes to those who had to deal with the trauma of being robbed at gunpoint by a couple of idiots.


Anonymous said...

I also get pissed off when the culprits are under 18 and can't be named. If you enter a pub with a rifle to commit an armed hold up I reckon you can at least be named and not afforded the protection that is supposed to be given to kids. Did you see the size of the 16 year old, he had to weigh 100kgs. Surely the time has come to drop the limit down to 16 years and over for serious crimes like this and not let this scum hide in the childrens court.


kae said...

Hi BoaB
I wanted to comment on this, too, especially when I heard people complaining that he shouldn't have been shot by police.
He was committing/had committed an armed robbery. This isn't some kid being cheeky. He had a weapon.

Reminds me of the kid shot dead at the railway station by the station master, he was trying to rob the railway ticket office at a suburban railway station. His mother was heartbroken, her good boy had been shot dead (in the act of robbing the station attendant). Her good boy who was killed was one of three, of the two others one was in prison for hard drugs and the other had just been released (or was waiting trial for serious assault and/or drugs).

Yeah, good boys all.