Tuesday 29 September 2009

Gumbies in all directions

Gumby number 1. How clever is it to stand in a marked bike lane pulling a cardigan on, and then stepping out without looking in the direction of oncoming traffic? Almost scratch Gumby Number 1.

Then we have Gumby Number 2, standing in a marked bike lane doing stretches and so forth, and then crossing the path without bothering to look either way. This one was much closer than the video makes out - I missed running over her toes by a poofteenth of an inch.


kae said...

That noise....

Is that you shrieking?

WV: prograpa
What you'd like to do to these gumbys. (Or should that be gumbies?)

Boy on a bike said...

Yeah, that noise is shocking. Don't know where the microphone is located on the camera.

Boy on a bike said...

What would I like to do with these gumbies?

Starts with "T".

Ends with "R".

Got "ASE" in the middle.