Friday 11 September 2009

Feel no pain Friday

One of the things about using cleats is that every now and then, you fail to get them to clip in properly when taking off. This can lead to an epically failed start, and a wobble bad enough to almost tip you on your side. It can also cause the odd torn muscle, but mostly, it's just embarassing and annoying - most unprofessional looking.

I missed clicking in this morning, and thought nothing of it. Then I got to the office, hopped in the shower and soaped up. The soap bubbles ran down, down, down until they reached my shins, and then "HOLY BUGGERY!", that hurt. When I'd missed clicking in, my foot had slipped right off the pedal, and the pedal had shot around and barked my shin. It didn't go deep enough to draw blood, but like a spud peeler, it scraped a thin layer of skin off over a distance of several inches. I didn't even know it had happened until the soap made contact with the raw patch.

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