Thursday 11 June 2009


There I am, sitting at a red light. I look to my left, and the lady in the car next to me is flossing her teeth.



kc said...

I have a confession - I floss my teeth in the truck, too. But I have one of those flossing things that resembles a toothbrush, with a floss thing where the brush would be? So I don't have to use both hands. And I never thought others might be watching me.

It's amazing the things we think people can't see us doing when we're in the car, isn't it.

bh said...

I've sat opposite someone flossing their teeth in a train. Eeek! And in a tram opposite someone plucking her chin hairs with a tweezer and mirror. Arrgh! Maybe I should carry a toothbrush and spit bottle so I can scare off the next person who attempts to undertake some personal cleaning in front of me?!

Anonymous said...

I sing in the car. Really loud and if a good song comes on I bop my head and shoulders and drum along too. Then I look across and someone is staring with a grin on their face. They wouldn't be grinning if they could hear me!

We have a 4WD which means we sit higher than a lot of cars. I was crawling along Victoria Road traffic one morning and a guy in the ute next to me was obviously bored with the slow moving peak hour so he found something to play with....

Boy's J

kae said...

What's really cool is if you're looking at someone and you're listening to the same song, it makes me laugh - they're joyful, that's good.

Or maybe stoned... that's not so good.

Boy on a bike said...

What J meant is that the bloke had has pants down and was having a tug.