Sunday 14 June 2009

Hey! Where did all the bikkies go?

I have just whipped up a gaggle of ANZAC biscuits. Due to the limitations of our baking trays, I have to bake them in three batches of 9 each. I need to buy another roll of that non-stick silicon baking stuff which makes biscuit baking so easy.

I put the first batch on the wire rack to finish cooling, walked over to the PC to send an email, and by the time I returned, they were all gone! Stone the crows! Fair suck on the sauce! Someone went the raw prawn and demolished the lot.

Since Junior was looking well content, I asked him if they had taught him to bake these things at school (hoping that he might put his hand up and take over this weekend chore). No dice. He's learned how to make nachos and banana bread, but not ANZAC biscuits.

What is it with schools these days? Are ANZAC biscuits off the menu due to some sort of latent anti-war feeling in the old leather elbow patch wearing lefties? They are the simplest things to make, a fairly hard to screw up, and every one likes to eat them. Why not start them on something like that to get them going?

Unless the sugar and butter content means they are verbotten. Blasted health and safety Nazis.

Batch three is cooking right now. I've got one ear cocked, waiting for the timer to go off. Even Monkey has started eating them, and he is the most suspicious eater you'll ever meet.

Last batch done. I can't even find a proper cake cooling rack in any of the local shops - I've had to pull a shelf out of the oven in order to give them something to cool on, and it's not much chop as if the biscuits are soft, they sag between the rails. How hard is it to find a cake rack? Have we stopped importing them from China?


1735099 said...

The world is obviously a different place down South. I'm always offered Anzac bikkies a week each side of 25th April when visiting schools.
When I was a Principal, Anzac bikkies were de rigeur, and I'd normally take home a bag or two made by various classes to share with my family, only to find that they'd also brought heaps home which they'd made at school....

Boy on a bike said...

Lucky you. Our school system is so over-run with political correctness it's not funny.