Saturday 27 June 2009

Gremlins and firewalls

Blogging has been a bit retarded of late due to my computer refusing to connect to blogger from time to time. J started having the same problem with Faceplant. Then I stopped getting emails, and finally it just wouldn't connect to blogger at all.

Fixing the email problem took a while, but the fix was simple - I turned off the firewall on our router. It had decided to block the ports for gmail. I now need to figure out how to enable those ports and turn the firewall back on.

Fixing the other problems were also router related. The router has an intrusion detection setting, but it can only be accessed if the firewall is enabled. I re-enabled the firewall and turned off intrusion detection. Suddenly, there was blogger and faceplant!

I think I'll be doing a firmware update on the router later today, and then spending a few hours fiddling with the firewall settings. Damn and blast.

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